Bullet-Proof your Back Seminar

Bullet-Proof your Back Seminar

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Dr. Andrew Millet’s Low Back Health Seminar on Saturday, October 5th @ 1030 am @ Vagabond CrossFit, sign up now!

The Bulletproof Your Low Back seminar is a way for athletes and active individuals to take an active role in working on their mobility, stability, and strength through various exercises, movements, etc. to help put themselves in the best position to avoid low back pain with training and lifting.
Cost of seminar is $25.

Bio on Presenter:
Andrew Millett MSPT, SFMA, CSCS is a sports orthopedic physical therapist with a background in Strength and Conditioning. He is the owner of Move Strong Physical Therapy, LLC. His practice uses a combination of manual therapy (dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, etc.), exercise, and strength training to help athletes of all ages and abilities move and feel better. He has worked with athletes ranging from middle school age up to the professional and Olympic ranks.

Event Info:

Bullet-Proof your Back Seminar

Date: Oct. 5, 2019

Location: 15 Hampden Drive, Easton MA

Registration: $27.50

Reg Deadline Passed